Benefits of EBT Equipment

for Farmers Markets & Direct Marketing Farmers

SNAP EBT Program Guide to Equipment Providers

Eligible Farmers Markets and Direct Marketing Farmers have the option to choose their own equipment from one of the following equipment providers:

*Funding for this program is limited, and is available on a first-come, first-serve basis according to the date you applied for your free SNAP EBT equipment.

The following two equipment options are available from through each provider. Both equipment options can be programmed for EBT Only Transactions or Credit Card, Debit Card and EBT Transactions


GSM Wireless Terminal with Wi-Fi, EMV and NFC Capabilities. Includes an Internal Printer.

Shuttle M006

Wi-Fi or Bluetooth PIN card reader available (compatible to use with your own smart device).
Shuttle M006

For a comprehensive definition of credit card service provider terms and conditions, please refer to the Credit Card Processing Fees: Small Business Guide published by Business.com.1

1 Neither the USDA, FNS or Financial Transacton Management LLC, or it’s partners, are affiliated with Business.com.